1. Standard Perpustakaan Universiti/ University Library Standards.


Published in both the Malay and English language, this is a standard that can be used as a reference source for the management of an academic library in Malaysia. The Standards consist of nine components – scope, glossary, objective, collection, services, Library building, ICT, staff and governance.


2018 Malay and English 25.00
2. Jurnal PPM: Journal of Malaysian Librarians.


The official journal of PPM has been in publication since 2007. An annual publication, it  publishes LIS related articles in both the Malay and English languages. Every article has a Malay and an English abstract.


2017 Malay and English 25.00
3. Guidelines on Competencies for Special Libraries in Malaysia.


The Guidelines was produced by the Special Library Committee and was compiled based on input from a spectrum of library practitioners and library leaders. It can be used as a guide for the development of special libraries in terms of knowledge, skills and ability requirements. The Guidelines list the core competencies that differentiate the four proficiency levels of awareness, knowledge, skills and expertise.


2016 English 10.00
4. Legal Core: Textbooks for Malaysia Libraries.


Produced by the Malaysian Law Libraries Group, this is the first standard of legal text books for law libraries in Malaysia. Seven Malaysia university libraries were involved in the compilation of the Standard covering 58 subjects. The Standards list the legal textbooks that should be made available to the law students.


2015 English 18.00
5. Medicore: Minimum Holding of Medical Textbooks for Malaysian Libraries. 2nd ed.


Produced by the Malaysian Medical Library Group, this is the 2nd edition of the publication. A total of 21 medical libraries were involved in the compilation of the Standard covering 39 subjects. The Standards list the medical textbooks that should be made available to the medical students.



2015 English 15.00
6. Who’s Who in Malaysian Librarianship: A PPM Membership Directory.


The Directory is a compilation of all the members  of PPM . It is the most comprehensive listing of all categories of PPM members to date. Part A is about the establishment of PPM. Part B is the membership list and Part C comprises of articles on libraries and librarianship written by members in conjunction with PPM’s Diamond Jubilee.





2015 English RM45.00
7. Cabaran Pembangunan Perpustakaan: Esei-esei Memperingati Shahar Banum Jaafar dan Shahaneem Hanoum Dadameah.


This gendenschrift was produced in honour of two librarians who once helmed PPM. It opens up with obituaries and followed by 19 essays written by local librarians. There is also a section dedicated to those who have left us.






2014 Malay and English RM45.00
8. Garis Panduan Lawatan Amalan Terbaik Perpustakaan


Produced by the Special Library Committee, this Guideline acts as a reference to be used by those who plan to organise benchmarking and best practices library visits. It list down the procedures and processes involve in organising the visit as well as the preparation of reports of the visit.



2014 Malay 10.00
9. PPM Magnetic Badge 3.00
10. PPM Thermo Mug 10.00
11. IFLA WLIC 2018 First Day Cover and Stamp 6.00



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