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IMU Learning Resources Festival 2017

By: Zuhanariah Nordin, Chief Librarian IMU

It has been a tradition at the International Medical University (IMU) to hold its Learning Resources Festival (LRF) annually since four years ago as a platform for the faculty members and students to showcase their learning and teaching innovations through various learning activities.

This year’s LRF 2017 was held from 18 to 20 September 2017 at the Main Campus in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur with Ubiquitous Learning as its theme.


Although there were many events held and were handled by three units of the Learning Resources Department, this report is intended to highlight the events that were specifically organised by the Library namely:

1) Basic Information Literacy License Workshop for newly hired faculty members.
This is a two-day blended activity conducted by the librarian for the newly hired faculty members of IMU to enhance their knowledge and skills in the admidst the overwhelming information resources. Hands-on tutorial was done on the first day and the participants presented their assignments online. These were then viewed and assessed by the Director of Learning Resources and the Chief Librarian. The participants will be awarded the Basic Information Literacy License should the panel be satisfied with the presentation.

2) Knowledge Challenge in collaboration with Elsevier, UpToDate and Wiley.
A set of questions was prepared by these vendors and the link to the questions were announced to the students, staff and the faculty members a week before the Festival. The objective was to challenge the library users (and non-users) of their awareness of these databases which will help them with their learning, teaching and research activities.

3) Information Literacy Talk by Dr. Nor Edzan Che Nasir, former Chief Librarian, University of Malaya.

The talk focused on the importance of information literacy to library users and researchers. Various models of information literacy from abroad were introduced briefly such as the Big Six Model, ISP and the Seven Pillars Framework from SCONUL. Information literacy is a skill that requires constant engagement coupled with various ethical issues. The Library and the librarians are the primary role players in the information literacy agenda while the faculty members need to support this by checking their students’ sources of references in their assignments. Students pursuing professional courses such as Medicine, Law, Accountancy, Architecture and Engineering must be more information literate than the other fields since they will be employed in professions that are legislated by law.

4) Knowledge Competition via a game entitled Crime Scene: find the murderer
This game was designed by students for students whilst the librarians facilitate to ensure it runs smoothly. In this competition, the participants were tested on their skills to obtain information with evidence and use critical thinking skills. Time management skills and ethics are important elements that need to be taken care of during this competition.

Other than the above, the librarians also took part in the Mobile Apps Competition organised by the e-Learning Unit. It is the IMU Library Services App for Android users which was developed by a group of librarians from the IMU Clinical Campuses.


LRF provided an opportunity for the librarians to interact with their users and in the long run will establish and maintain the rapport among them.

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Oleh : Azman Abd. Rahim, Pengerusi Kumpulan Kerja Perpustakaan IPTS (KKPI)


Library Innovation Talk (LIT) 2017 telah diadakan pada 12 Julai 2017 dengan tema The Visibility and Invisibility of Information Institutions, Professionals and Resources dengan kerjasama Perpustakaan Tunku Azizah, Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL). LIT kali keempat ini diadakan bersempena Mesyuarat Tahunan Kumpulan Kerja Perpustakaan IPTS (KKPI) dan dirasmikan oleh YBhg. Profesor Datuk Dr. Raduan Che Rose, Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif, Majlis Profesor Negara..


Empat kertas kerja yang dibentangkan menyentuh isu-isu visibiliti perpustakaan serta peranan perpustakaan pada masa kini iaitu:

  1. Library in Continuum : from obscure to obvious – Dr. Khasiah Zakaria, Timbalan Ketua Pustakawan Kanan, Perpustakaan Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM).
  2. Open Access Repositories for visibility – Pn. Nur’Aini Abu Bakar, Ketua Bahagian Sokongan Penyelidikan, Perpustakaan Dar’ Al-Hikmah, Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia.
  3. The workflow-centric library services: curate-share-analyze in driving the usage of e-resources – Dr. Wong Woei Fuh, dari Consulting Innovative Education Service Pte. Ltd.
  4. ORCID for UniKL – Puan Pazilah Hamzah, Ketua Pustakawan, Perpustakaan Universiti Kuala Lumpur


Dipenghujung program, satu perbincangan khas telah di antara ahli KKPI dengan Dekan, Fakulti Pengurusan Maklumat, UiTM dan Wakil National Committee IFLA WLIC 2018.  

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Lawatan Penanda Arasan KKPI ke Perpustakaan Dar Al-Hikmah Library, UIAM

Oleh : Azman Abdul Rahim, Timbalan Ketua Pustakawan Kanan Universiti Islam Malaysia


Pada 16 Mac 2017, Jawatankuasa Penanda Aras KKPI telah menganjurkan Lawatan  ke Perpustakaan Dar Al-Hikmah, Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia, Gombak. Seramai  30 orang ahli Kumpulan Kerja Perpustakaan IPTS (KKPI) telah menyertai lawatan ini, yang terdiri daripada 10 buah IPTS iaitu; UIM, MSU, MSU College, UNITAR, CUCMS, TAYLOR’S University, KLMUC, Heriot-Watt University Malaysia, OUM dan UNIRAZAK.  Tujuan lawatan ini diadakan adalah untuk mengetahui dengan lebih mendalam lagi tentang kemudahan, perkhidmatan, sistem dan koleksi yang disediakan pihak Perpustakaan Dar Al-Hikmah kepada pengguna. Selain itu, lawatan ini juga telah memberi peluang kepada pustakawan Institut Pengajian Tinggi Swasta (IPTS)  dan Universiti Awam untuk membina jaringan atau networking sesama mereka di samping saling bertukar pendapat dan idea. Semoga usaha murni ini akan diteruskan pada masa-masa akan datang.