Retired Graduates from Class of ’79 Reunited with their Retired Lecturers after a Space of almost 40 Years

By: Amir Hussain Md. Ishak, Chief Librarian UPM, Class –Rep: DLS 1979


The graduates of class of ‘79 Diploma in Library Science from Institut Teknologi MARA (now UiTM) held a hi-tea reunion on 8th April 2017 at Paya Serai Coffee House, PJ Hilton. This event was certainly the highlight of all other reunions from the first reunion held in February 2014. This close-knit group had since been meeting up regularly, about 2 to 3 times a year.


The highlight of this reunion was the presence of “mystery guests”, as graduates were asked to invite their guests without the knowledge of the others. Hence, there was an atmosphere of astonishment and euphoria as the mystery guests started arriving.


The mystery guests of DLS class of ’79 turned out to be our former lecturers: Puan Sri Molina Nijhar, Professor Dr. Szarina Abdullah, Puan Laila Hassan, Mr. Wong Tuck Cheong and Puan Norma Abu Seman.


This time around only 9 (out of 22) of us were able to attend the reunion: Amir Hussain Md. Ishak (Chief Librarian , UPM), Dr Halimatun Halaliah Mokhtar (former UPM librarian & lecturer), Norizam Abd Ghani (former Kuala Lumpur Library librarian), Habsah Abdul Rahman (former USM librarian), Wan Faridah Wan Omar (former EPU & National Archives librarian), Rosli Bujang (former dealer at Seagroatt & Campbell), Dr Zohra Ibrahim and Fuziah Mohd Nadzar (both former UiTM lecturers).  Also in attendance was our junior, Wan Sallehah Wan Mahmood (former Public Bank librarian & Nielsen Senior PR and Communications Manager) class of ‘89.


The reunion brought back fond memories between former students and lecturers, recalling class antics and reminiscing the good old days. There were lots of laughter, hugs, embraces as well as tears of happiness shed. It was truly a walk down memory lane!


For Dr Halimatun Halaliah Mokhtar, the reunion was not solely about “getting together for the fun of it”. But it was beyond that. “It was about the close bond and connection that had been developed since our teens. It was about making meanings through our conversations, through our shared stories, for the sake of friendship itself.’  Similarly Fuziah Mohd Nadzar remarked, “It was about renewing our friendship and making new memories for remembrance of time to come”.


Dr Zohra was happy to have met all our lecturers and friends again and to share our lives once more, although our lives have progressed in many different directions in the past 38 years. “The afternoon was precious as it was an opportunity to meet after a long time, be connected again, refresh our friendship and create the bond of happiness, good time and companionship”.


As for former lecturer Puan Laila Hassan, the two-in-one reunion was very meaningful and a treasured event. She not only managed to meet her former colleagues, some of whom she had not met for well over 20 years, but also her former students who were successful in their careers, and some of them are  grandparents now.


All in all, the reunion ended with a note of appreciation of our friendship and connection. A shout out to our other classmates who could not be there on that day, “We are already planning for the next reunion, guys!” Among some of the suggested places are Janda Baik, Penang, Kota Kinabalu, and also an overseas trip.


Happiness shone through everyone’s beautiful smiles!

Standing from left to right: Amir Hussain Md. Ishak, Mr. Wong Tuck Cheong, Dr. Zohra Ibrahim, Dr. Halimatun Halaliah Mokhtar, Wan Sallehah Wan Mahmood, Norizam Abd. Ghani, Fuziah Mohd Nadzar, Dr. Habsah Abdul Rahman, Prof. Dr. Szarina Abullah, Rosli Bujang, Wan Fardah Wan Omar.

Seated from left to right: Puan Norma Abu Seman, Puan Laila Hassan, Puan Sri Molina Nijhar

Puan Norma made a moving appreciation speech to her ex-students and former colleagues.


Standing from left to right: Dr. Zohra Ibrahim, Norizam Abd. Ghani & Dr. Halimatun Halaliah Mokhtar (partially hidden), Fuziah Mohd Nadzar, Dr. Habsah Abdul Rahman, Wan Sallehah Wan Mahmood, Prof. Dr. Szarina Abullah, Wan Fardah Wan Omar.

Seated from left to right: Puan Norma Abu Seman, Puan Laila Hassan, Puan Sri Molina Nijhar

Our ex-lecturers who made time to meet up with us…we love you & a huge thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Standing from left to right: Puan Norma Abu Seman, Prof. Dr. Szarina Abullah, Mr. Wong Tuck Cheong

Seated from left to right: Puan Laila Hassan, Puan Sri Molina Nijhar

A group photo, whilst waiting for the others to arrive.

Seated from left to right: Wan Sallehah Wan Mahmood (class of ’89), Dr. Zohra Ibrahim, Fuziah Mohd Nadzar, Puan Laila Hassan, Prof. Dr. Szarina Abdullah



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