Overwhelming Response at ‘MAKERSMEET 2017’

By : Alya Faeeqah Hamali, Corporate Communication Division, Pustaka Negeri Sarawak


Sarawak State Library’s ‘Makersmeet 2017’ received an overwhelming response from the public when about 1,200 people participated in the 2-day programme held on 21st and 22nd October 2017, from 9 am until 5 pm at the library.


Sarawak State Library is promoting the maker movement in the State, focusing on building a network of makers, entrepreneurs and highlighting local talents.


Those who came during the 2-day programme were given the opportunity to explore, provided with hands-on and have fun at the areas of makers namely woodworks, gardening, arts and craft, 3D Printing and electronic.


Among the exciting activities that were held from 9 am to 5 pm were 3D Printing, Drawing with 3D Pen, Makey Makey, Drone racing & demonstration, Paper Quilling activity, Stem – Building a Tower Challenge, 3R exhibition and demonstration, arts and textile Virtual Reality, Soldering, Hot Wheels exhibition and demonstration, Air Brush Gundam, Jong Racing & Demo, DIY Smartphone Video Maker workshop, Cosplay Costume Contest and many more.


Makers of all ages and background and with interests ranging from electronics, arts and crafts, kit makers, textiles, hobbies, carpentry, Arduino projects, and other interesting stuff came and participated in this event.


At the closing of the 2-day event, a prize giving ceremony for Drone Racing, Jong Racing and Cosplay Costume Competition was held. For Cosplay Costume Competition, the best male and female costume received acash prize of RM 200.


As for Drone Racing, Nazrin won the first place with a cash prize of RM400 while Mohd Adzlan was in the second place with a cash prize RM 300 and in the third place was Akmal Hakim Sazali  who won a cash prize RM200. All the three winners received trophies.


While in Jong Racing Compeition, Mohd  Syam Benet won in the ‘Kotak’ and ‘Skunar’ category while Rohaman Dris won in the ‘Skuci’ category, Drahman Bin Ribi won the ‘Bandung’ category and Marina Bt Mohamed won the ‘Barong’ category. All winners received a cash prize of RM 300.


During the event, Sarawak State Library also promoted its free library membership registration and managed to get 114 people registered as library members.


COSPLAY COSTUME COMPETITION.. Participants wore attractive costumes from their favorite anime’s characters.
JONG RACING…The jong or miniature sail boat racing caught the attention of visitors who came to the 2 – day event at the library.
ARDUINO SESSION..Participants were taught the introduction to coding, LED circuit, push – button, LEDs, Digital Read and other interesting lessons in Arduino.
MAKEYMAKEY.. Instead of using the computer keyboard buttons to play the piano, participants can do something fun like using fruits as piano keys.