By: Nurul Diana Jasni, Librarian, University of Technology MARA


Young librarians participated in the Leadership and Development Camp in Kuching

This three-day leadership and development camp had inspired and motivated me. It started and helped me in the development of my leadership skills in various aspects such as the essential qualities of a great leader and to lead others with passion. Passion about my work responsibilities and as a librarian. As I believe if you are passionate about something,  it comes from the heart.

Collecting ideas

During this program I had the opportunity to meet a great group of librarians where I was so inspired about their sharing and knowledge that I will cherish and remember as I grow up in my career ladder. There are no regrets in attending the camp. Thanks also to the main facilitator, Dr. Ghazali, and group facilitators that made this experience so special. You cannot run a program like this without the energy and knowledge of people like them.

Group presentation

This program was incredible and we had extraordinary experience especially with World Cafe sessions, self reflection, group discussions and treasure hunt activities. When I returned I had developed a clear idea and vision about what I wanted to do. I feel I am on the right track to achieve them, not only for myself but for my organisation.


What would be my suggestions and improvements for this program? Please take me back for the next series as facilitator or participants. I hope there is something I can share and contribute in the future. I also hope the CSR programme can be improved in the future, especially suitable book collections donated to the community. CSR programs should be planned and managed properly by the organiser.


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