Access Dunia Online Conference 2017 : Shaping the Future Library Services Through People & Skills.

Access Dunia Online Conference 2017 was held on 1st November 2017 at Grand Dorsett Hotel, Subang Jaya. The theme of the conference is Shaping the Future Library Services Through People & Skills. Honourable speakers such as Dr Wong Woei Fuh, Consultant, iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd; Dr Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, CEO & President, IGI Global, (recorded video speech); Mr Michael Qiu, Library Relations Manager, ACS Publications; Dr Lee Chu Keong, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore; and Mr David Shawah, Director of Business Development, iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd. The event was attended by more than 100 participants from public and private institutions, corporate, governmental personnel as well as a group of librarians from Vietnam. Attendees were mainly Chief Librarians, Deputy Chief Librarians, Senior Librarians, Senior Lecturers and Library Executives.

On second half of the event, Dr Wong Woei Fuh & Mr KC Tang conducted The World Café of Future Library Services: People, Knowledge & Assets. There were many interactions and knowledge sharing within the session. Participants contributed their best expertise and library information within groupings assigned. Though the session was conducted within limited time, many participants gained fruitful information during the group discussion and presentation slot.

The Objectives of the workshop were to define the Future Library Services: People, Knowledge, & Assets with the summary points as discussed among the participant groups below.

Talking Point 1: “The library of the future is a place where people, not books, not even information are at the center”

1. Creating own unique content for the library
2. Library as a Fun & Interactive Centre
3. Embracing new skills to support the future roles of librarians
4. Enhanced technology gateway
5. Librarians as Researchers
6. Adopting big-data analysis skills to help researchers in decision making

Talking Point 2: “The library of the future revives its origin as a great democratizer of knowledge”

1. Library as publisher
2. Knowledge Curator
3. Information Literacy
4. Information Digital Marketer
5. Blended Librarian
6. Information Education Centre

Talking Point 3: “The library of the future must functionally preserve its informational assets” Library to become an information broker;

1. Institution Repositories
2. Rare Collections
3. Story Telling
4. Fund Raising

The event ended with a lucky draw session with some happy prize winners. Sincerely thank you to all participants who attended Access Dunia Online Conference 2017. And we hope to have the regional South-East Asia joint event in the coming years. Till we meet again…

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