CAIS Offered Bibliometric Services for Better Analytical Support in Reporting UNIMAS Research Performance

By: Wan Abdul Rahman Bin Wan Bujang, Senior Librarian, UNIMAS

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) has highlighted greater emphasis on research productivity and pursued its research excellence in niche areas. This role becomes more important and was highlighted by the management when Centre for Academic Information Services (CAIS) presented their initiatives to provide the bibliometric services. The need for better research data management has given rise to a new role for CAIS and for librarians. To enhance the visibility of the relevant services provided by CAIS to the university’s research community, CAIS provides the report on the statistical data for UNIMAS Publications and Citations to enhance the role of CAIS as a one-stop reference for supporting research.

Librarians in academic libraries need to be visible and relevant to the university’s community. They should expand their competencies and expertise from the traditional library services to the niche library services. Bibliometric services are carried out by CAIS for studying growth, development, university ranking and expansion of any areas of research, and also for identifying the performances by faculties and institutes to acknowledge the influential authors and researchers.

The Centre plays an important role in producing reports on statistical analysis of indexed publications written by UNIMAS researchers. The purpose of the reports are: (1) to report on the development of UNIMAS publications and citations; (2) to assist UNIMAS to plan strategies to enhance publications; (3) to report on the current scenario of UNIMAS publications and University’s ranking for e.g. MyRA, MyMohes and QS Ranking.

In support of the University’s strategies, the Centre for Academic Information Services also has to ensure the Centre’s strategies be in line with the University’s strategies. One of the initiatives that CAIS focus on is:
• To provide quality services on bibliometric sciences – UNIMAS researchers will be given support on citations, impact factor, half-life, etc. to improve their research work through the use of bibliometric services. This will help to improve the productivity of researchers.

UNIMAS Bibliometric Services can also be accessed via online at

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